July 17, 2014


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Estate Sale Logic is a Hybrid software application designed from the ground up to handle the unique challenges faced by the estate sale industry. The concept was developed out of the need to process quickly large amounts of diverse inventory. In the estate sale environment the inventory encountered ranges anywhere from a Tiffany lamp to a drawer of full nuts and bolts found in the garage. While it is obvious that the lamp would require a level of research and effort that the nuts and bolts do not, the requirement to sell each is still expected. The question is how to put the proper level of attention to each product and still make it profitable.

We set out to find a solution by examining existing technology to see if it could be configured in a way that would meet that requirement. We were disappointed to find that in every case the product examined disconnected in one very important way. Without exception every other point of sale application was set up with the needs of a conventional store front in mind. The merchant goes out, finds product, enters it into an inventory, and sells it out the front door. Nothing can be sold if not in inventory.

Estate Sale Logic Changes that by making each inventory as strict or as flexible as needed. This allows the important lamp to be given the attention it requires, while allowing the less important nuts and bolts to be sold even if they are completely missing from inventory and never tagged with a price.

We also decided that as long as we were designing a product to meet those high inventory demands, we should pack in all the tools necessary to stage, hold, and dispose of a sale efficiently and accurately. With the goal of adding the look feel and confidence of a truly professional organization, the following features have been included: